Stainless steel

Droso 02

Droso 02 acts as a memory pool for your favourite wines and the stories behind each cork. The flanged holes act as a catalyst for intereaction, inviting the user to create their own personal arrangement.

The ‘Droso’ series developed from memories of my grandmother storing wine corks in her fruit bowl to ward off flies. These fruit bowls not only leverage the qualities of cork as a natural fly inhibitor, but evoke this nostalgia.

The fruit bowl is 1.5mm stainless steel that has been laser cut and pressed to flange the holes. The process began experimenting with pressing old dies through pre cut holes before designing a hardened die to create the ideal flange shape. The hole size fits most standard wine corks.

The display platter gives the user creative freedom to display their corks. It is an exciting conversation starter, whether it’s the story behind each cork or simply showcasing your favourite wines.

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